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1. Dagger Moon (4:01) (lyrics)

Autobiographical song about the demise of one of my bands, Dagger Moon.

2. Invisible Gun (3:13) (lyrics)

Last night I had the weirdest experience whilst trying to sleep. This is a somewhat exaggerated rendition.

3. Can't Stop Dreaming (2:53) (lyrics)

It's true. I really can't stop.

4. Build (2:17) (lyrics)

A song about the Lego house I made for my son this week. He loves that house.

5. Silence (2:27) (lyrics)

Do you notice how it's almost nowhere totally quiet anymore?

6. 2003 (3:29) (lyrics)

About a holiday we had a long time ago (not sure if it was 2003, but it rhymes). That holiday was in the beautiful french village of Kruth.

7. Incognito (2:38)

One guitar, three flutes. Made in the evening, when it was already dark outside.