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1. Tribute to T (1:32)

Just a tribute...

2. Girlfriend's got the flu (2:38)

My girlfriend Sanne has been sick with the flu for a couple of days now. She suggested to commemmorate this in a song. Sure thing.

3. Sploen (2:01)

A dutch song, about a creature invented by Sanne and co-blogger Patrick.

4. Cheap Mics (3:29)

I always record my songs with the cheapest kind of mics. One friend of mine said I was not serious enough about music and should have bought a mic costing ten times these ones cost me. What the heck.

5. Chickens (1:41)

Sanne again suggested a song, this time about two chickens sitting between the flowers. As there is some big crisis going on, there is an ominous line included...

6. Quit Computers (1:54)

It's not going too well in my line of work, and it's not going too well with the university I'm working in. So I guess I had to sing it off in this anti-PC song. (mind you, all these songs wouldn't exist if it weren't for them, so it really is not fair).

7. Easter in Summer (1:30)

Babbling along about the strange location of easter on the calendar each year. Please skip this one.

8. Home (1:43)

A song about how quiet it is in our study. You wouldn't find any leopards and coconut-trees here, honest.

9. Goodbye to Thrills (3:48) (lyrics)

This one is about a trip I made to France a few years ago. I got so sick drinking wine and beer and eating weird looking french fries that I drove straight home the next day, missing out on a trip to Spain and possibly Morocco.