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1. Frog (0:51)

Made with my son's toy phone.

2. After the flood (2:49) (lyrics)

I read a book by Immanuel Velikovsky, in which he gives an possible cause for Noah's flood. This is inspired by it, loosely.

3. Walk (2:20) (lyrics)

My son's favorite song. He keeps asking for it and calls it "wa hai wa fai wavtidatee" or something like that, which always cracks me up...

4. 04.04 (1:45)

Some midi-song. Made because my son was sleeping, so I couldn't play live instruments. Features Thip Thip Thip - Skidder in the lead part, and Scrubby in the background.

5. Days (2:45) (lyrics)

I am such a hippy. Again, inspired by the Velikovsky-book.

6. Tugboat (2:13) (lyrics)

I don't even know if this is english, but it is one of my faves.

7. Abendlied (2:08)

One guitar, two flutes. Made in the evening, when it was already dark outside.

8. Home with you (6:15) (lyrics)

I didn't think I could finish the album a day; at this point I needed more than 5 minutes of music. So I made this song, the longest I ever recorded. It is my favorite song.