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1. Freakshow (1:58)

What do the weather and football have in common? Find out in this song, written and recorded in fifteen minutes.

2. Don Juan (2:32) (lyrics)

El Signor Español... Music composed in 1 minutes 30 secs, the lyrics were completely improvised while recording this song. Total writing and recording time: 4 minutes!

3. Cheddar Cheese (3:08)

The horrible account of a youth trauma. Written and recorded with improvised lyrics in 10 minutes time.

4. Three little cams (1:41)

This one's based on our trip to Switzerland in 2002. We had 3 cameras, so nothing could go wrong, or so we thought. We forgot to take the digital one, didn't know how to rewind the film on the second one and ran out of batterypower on the third. So we bought a cheap recyclable camera at a gas station. Took 15 minutes to write and record.

5. Tight Noses (2:50)

Written and recorded in 7 minutes, this is a song with improvised lyrics again. Recorded in one take.

6. Black Hole (1:51)

It's time again for a trademark three-flutes-and-a-guitar instrumental. Took me some time to clear the noise and adjust the reverb of the recording.

7. Don't Leave (2:52)

Took me some time to get this one right. Perhaps while it's so distinctively unlike me.

8. She (2:41) (lyrics)

Finally, a song for my girlfriend... ;-)

9. Some Good Advice (1:11)

Just some tips that might come in handy, this is the last one of the evening... finished round 11:30 PM.