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1. Cecelia Ann (1:58)

This one's got Skidder on one guitar track.

2. Rock Music (2:45)

Just wailing out loud with three guitars and one little Fender Sidekick 15.

3. Velouria (3:30)

Come with me to this great country of Velouria. Ehrm...
in hindsight this is very much too much Neil Young. That's because it's played in dropped d-tuning.

4. Allison (2:07)

Just two guitars with Skidder and Buffer Override on one guitar track. Heck, it's even got EQ Sync on one track.

5. Is She Weird (1:36)

Better leave that to trained professionals.

6. Ana (1:55)

She likes to play rough. Last chorus is heavily Scrubbied.
Better skip this one...

7. All Over The World (1:37)

Queen-like guitar-choral piece. One doubled guitar-solo track has been Geometred and Scrubbied.

8. Dig For Fire (2:02) (lyrics)

The story of a Dragon on a Quest.

9. Down To The Well (3:13)

Piece for 4 acoustic guitars.