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1. Nun Komm (2:13)

At first everything went wrong in this album a day. The mic was too loud, on with the input setting on its lowest; I heard everything I played half a second later on the speakers; and everything I played was on the tracks half a second later, so I had to put everything I recorded in its place, by hand... But what's worse, the tracks turned out to have speedups and slowdowns in them, so I had to check every second of the song to see if all was in time, then cut and paste bits and pieces together again. I was so frustrated with every setting going awry that I vented it by humming loudly into the mic.

This is not to be considered as a song and should be skipped.

2. Sink (1:40) (lyrics)

I gathered that, being frustrated anyway, I could make a frustration song. So this is about me riding bike 100 miles to my then girlfriend, only to find at my arrival she didn't like me coming at her house without calling first. She didn't like surprises.

3. Somewhere (2:28) (lyrics)

This was a surprise song to me, being that subtle and spiritual, while I certainly was in not a spiritual mood at all. Marks the return of the three flutes, and I love the last harmony part. Short but sweet.

4. Older But Not Wiser (3:33) (lyrics)

In two years I will be 40 years old; this is an ode to the midlife crisis. Horribly off-beat, alas... but I like the way all instruments turned out sound-wise.

5. Easy (2:38) (lyrics)

My older self reacting on the previous song. Nice bottleneck dobro guitar, but the distorted mics ruin things again. Oh well.

6. When you dream (3:44) (lyrics)

A little song for my son about dreams.

7. Aaahaaa (3:11)

Groovy stuff, love the way all instruments turned out, but ran out of inspiration for lyrics. Or lead guitar parts for that matter. Still, I like this a lot.

8. Watch the grass grow (1:22) (lyrics)

Sanne suggested to make a song about grass growing. We're in the middle of a heatwave, record temperatures of 38 degrees celcius; so it is good not to do much, except lying around in the grass or staying inside. Sounds an awfull lot like "I shall be released" from The Band.