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1. I Won't Get You (2:46)

Everybody loves instrumentals!

2. Split Sec (2:13)

First time I play bottleneck-guitar in an AAD. I once was in a band called Goblin Catapult. We played this kind of music a lot: acoustic guitar, slideguitar and djembee (not contained in this song, but it could be played by the band anytime).

3. Grip (3:34) (lyrics)

Just airing some frustration about the state my life is in at the moment.

4. The Beach (2:43)

A ballad about a bath that turned out wrong...

5. Drunk Again (2:42) (lyrics)

The best song on the album, in my humble or not so humble opinion...

6. Wasted Years (2:58)

Way too moralistic, but true to my opinions nevertheless.

7. Merry Go Round (2:18)

The story of a date with some past girlfriend.

8. Ain't It So? (4:03)

Ain't it so? Don't you think?