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1. Borss (3:40)

Yes, I know. The title is weird. But hey, I dreamed I heard it on the radio the morning I started this album, so it's got to be good. It's about stockquotes, and stuff.

2. Someone else's goldfish (2:43)

So my girlfriend Sanne came up to me and asked if I could put a song about somebody elses goldfish on the album. Sure thing. This has become a regular song in the set of the Noble Spirits, the band I play in.

3. Dies Irae (1:05)

An improvised rendition of a part of the Roman catholic requiem, for two voices.

4. Blues that won't come (3:07)

Lucky me, ain't got no blues and still bluesing about it...

5. My djembe's running away with me (0:59)

I got me a new djembe, but the thing has got a will of its own. Damn difficult to stay in tune with that beast.

6. Stuff I always use to play (2:00)

Well, that's not true, I don't play THIS kind of stuff regularly, god forbid. But the text was inspired by the fact that I kept coming up with licks I was playing for years, and I wanted to not use that.

7. In the end (1:53) (lyrics)

On to more serious stuff. This one is about a friend I once had. I'm a bit surprised the breakup with her still emerges as a subject to write songs about.

8. Noiz (2:06)

We live in a neighborhood where people are poor. They lack very many things, such as money for sending their kids to school. Of course, the more important things in life they CAN afford, such as BMWs and Mercedes. Their kids however are the best wreckers around and today they were smashing tiles from an old kitchen in the road. Hence these lyrics... the music is too much Ray of light, in hindsight.

9. Visions (3:00)

Allright, the last one. Played with the pastures of Switzerland in mind. Maybe too much so, 'cause obviously I was at times so absent minded that I was not very much playing the flutes. But you get the idea...