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1. Orangejuice and Candybars (1:50) (lyrics)

Just one to get started. I installed myself in our study with all the recording stuff, and brought a bottle of Juice and some candybars. So I wrote a song about it...

2. Tear it Down (2:11) (lyrics)

The neighborhood I live in is to be demolished for the greater part. It's very sad, an elderly couple lives here whose parents lived here too. Every few days a home to people that stood here for some 80 years is destroyed. This song is now a regular song in the setlist of my band...

3. Wanderers (2:50)

I borrowed a FX-processor from the guitarplayer/singer from the band I play in (the Noble Spirits, in feb 2003 we played in Chicago, Iowa and Milwaukee). There was this weird sound preset, which created a chord for each single tone you struck. Immediately, this tune sprang forth.

4. Dreaming (2:27)

A little tune about the morning and evening ritual in our house...

5. Abercrombie Equinox (2:42)

A song with just one guitar and two flutes.

6. Graveyard (3:01)

Where have all the grammophones gone? And the cassette tapes? I sure don't know...
(What was I thinking when I wrote those lyrics?)

7. Distortio a crapulco (2:44)

Another experiment with the Yamaha FX-900.

8. One more song to go (3:03)

A metasong, about the chores of spending too much time recording an album a day...