458 – Frank Zappa – Wonderful Wino

458 - Frank Zappa - Wonderful Wino

I forgot about this song for a long, long time, maybe 20 years. It popped up in my head this week. Very un-Zappa-ish sluggish rock.

Youtube – Right where the horns start, which should be the intro. It is not on the CD version

Youtube – Zappa live at Uddel, 1970. GREAT rendition!

Youtube – Zappa live at Montreux, 1971. The night there was smoke on the water!

Youtube – original version. This song was written and recorded by Jeff Simmons

455 – Torre Florim (De Staat) – Firestarter

Torre Florim (De Staat) - Firestarter

One of those examples where the cover is (much!) better than the original. I hear hints of the Beatles and in the end is a sample of the original song by The Prodigy. Torre Florim is a Dutch singer-songwriter who is in the Netherlands more well known as lead singer of the band De Staat

Listen on Spotify
Official videclip on Youtube

454 – The Black Keys – Thickfreakness

The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

After a few days of upgrading this here site’s server, I got things sort of running and up to date again. Yay!

Ever since I heard this tune that riff won’t leave my head. So now I am learning to play this song by The Black Keys on my Aria 3 pickup guitar (which has some resemblance to Dan Auerbach’s Harmony guitar he uses in the live clip linked below). ROCK!

Studioversion with sleeve.
Live, somewhere in 2010.

450 – Flula Borg – Thriftshop

450 - Flula Borg - Thriftshop

This guy is nuts. No really.
But… this cover of Macklemore’s Thriftshop is really very well done, with tighter rapping than the original and a trombone to boot. Also, he recorded the entire song, doing all parts on his own, in his car, with bypassers staring in bewilderment. Priceless!

From his series Auto Tunes.

449 – Sound City Players – Time Slowing Down

449 - Sound City Players - Time Slowing Down

Dave Grohl is my absolute hero. That guy can seriously do anything and has so much fun doing that. This song is from his movie Sound City which is the only movie I ever bought online. Don’t regret it, I watched it a lot with my son.
I can listen to this song on repeat forever, seriously.

Studio version with sleeve.
Live in London (2013)